Natural baits for fishing

Fishing is a sport which places the angler in close contact with nature, and for this reason, most fishermen prefer to use a bait which is 100% natural. DAF AL, the producers of Pescaviva products, grow, harvest and can the sweetcorn, in their own fields and canning factory, in one continuous process  -  controlling the entire production process from planting the seeds to canning.

This means that they can guarantee that the contents of each can is 100% natural, with the exception of the artificial colourings and flavourings which are the same as those used in food products for human consumption.

Pescaviva products contain no artificial preservative, which means that they are 100% environmentally friendly.

The cans come complete with a re-sealable plastic lid which means that any unused bait can be saved for later use. The empty container may also be re-cycled by the angler as a bait box or container for terminal tackle.

Hempseed + Chilli

A new innovation!!!

Our High quality cooked hempseed will now be accompanied with a spicy version – Cooked Hempseed with chilli.

This is sure to be a winner with both the fish and the anglers!

Pescaviva ti informa

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