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Natural NATURAL (yellow) The traditional and infallible corn, one of the biggest lures of all time. Sweeter than that for human consumption and specially selected for fishing.Contains: sweetcorn grains, water,…

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Garlic GARLIC (yellow) It is an unknown taste but it offers wide possibilities due to its penetrating flavour for catching Carp, Chub and, surprisingly, Trout.Contains: sweetcorn grains, water, sugar, salt,…

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aniseed ANISEED (yellow) It is a very attractive flavour for all species, particularly effective for carp and tench. It is for this reason that it was often used to flavour…

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Banana BANANA (yellow) Another excellent attractor, one of the best. Tench love banana but it will prove attractive to all the major species, including bream and big carp.Contains: sweetcorn grains,…

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Cheese CHEESE (yellow) This is an ideal flavour for river species, like chub and barbel. Cheese is an instantly attractive aroma and classic angling bait in its own right. Cheese…

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Strawberry STRAWBERRY (red) This is a flavour that will catch as many anglers as it does fish! It is ideal in summer also for its lively colour. A classic for…

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Giant Prawn

Giant Prawn SWEETCORN GIANT PRAWN FLAVOUR.Bright red coloured, Prawn sweetcorn is particularly suitable as a bait for Trout, Salmon and it is suitable also for fishing in sea and in…

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Scopex SCOPEX (yellow) Its very powerful, creamy, mellow flavour, makes it highly attractive to carp and tench. It is also very attractive to bream. It is very significant that “Scopex”…

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Trout Pellet

Trout pellet

Trout Pellet TROUT PELLET (brown) A superb attractor, this flavour has been responsible for catching many big fish of virtually all species.Contains: sweetcorn grains, water, sugar, salt, colouring, artificial flavoursCONTAINS…

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Tutti i Frutti


Tuttifrutti TUTTIFRUTTI (Orange) It is known to be one of the great all time carp flavours. Particularly good also for tench, bream, chub and barbel. Contiene: mais in grani, acqua,…

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